What Is Campus Essentials?

Campus Essentials is a outlet for students to interact with local students to buy, sell, trade, and form things from groups to books.

How Much Does Campus Essentials Cost?

If you are a student with a @.edu email, Campus Essentials is free!

Can Anyone Use Campus Essentials?

Campus Essentials can be used by two types of people: students and business/faculty. Students have 100% use of Campus Essentials, and Businesses can use Campus Essentials only to post ads such as jobs, apartments, events, etc. to market to students, but are locked out of the other student pages.

Why Should I Use Campus Essentials?

Campus Essentials is the perfect outlet for students to improve their college careers from getting better grades, saving money, and meeting other students, all in a safe private environment. No more dealing with creeps from online or wasting money by buying books from the book store.

How Do You Buy Items?

Just login, search an item, find what you want, contact the seller, and meet up.

How Do You Sell Items?

Login, click Sell, find the correct Sell template, and post.

How Do Jobs, Internships, And Apartments Get Posted?

Jobs, Internships, Events, Bar Specials, Apartments, etc. are posted only by local businesses. The key is to help Businesses find out about the products to ensure more options for yourself and all other students.

What If My College Isn’t Available?

If your college isn’t available at that time, you can still join Campus Essentials and join the closest school to you. Then, contact us and tell us what your school is so that we can add it to our growing list. If we get a few more requests, we will implement your school.

Can I Add Friends To My Profile?

Yes, you can become friends with other students by requesting friendships on their profile.

How Can I Interact With Other Colleges?

Just pick which College you would like to interact with and go to that college page.

What If My Classified Ad Sells?

If your product sells, simply just log on and remove your ad.

What If I See Someone Selling Illegal Items?

Since it is a site run by you and the students around you, it is your responsibility to report any illegal item. Simply flag the ad and then shoot us a email at [email protected] and notify us.

Does Campus Essentials Represent Any Colleges?

Campus Essentials does not represent nor have any affiliation with any school or University. We are solely a service to help students come together to create a better college life.

Is Campus Essentials Responsible For Buying Or The Sales Of Products?

Campus Essentials is not responsible for any of the buying or selling that goes on in Campus Essentials. We are just a social marketplace to create a place for students to come together to sell, buy, and trade. We will always try our best to weed out the people who are not using C.E properly and to keep it as safe as possible.

How Can I Get My College On Campus Essentials?

If we do not have your college yet, simply just shoot us a email at [email protected] and tell us your college. If we get enough request for that school we will implement it. It is hard for us to get every school in the United States because there are thousands of schools. Each school page we create is very expensive to create and maintain.

How Do I Become An Ambassador?

Ambassadors are the most important part of Campus Essentials. They are the people that have the drive, motivation, and ambition to see the potential in Campus Essentials. Ambassadors are the ones to help push the word of what our mission is and to create a great experience for everyone around them. We are very lucky for every Ambassador we have! To become one just send us a email at [email protected] and tell us about yourself and why you should become a ambassador!