Meet Chase Sabbert

Nickname: Chedda Bob
Age: 21
School: Kansas State University! EMAW!!
Major: Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Year: Senior
Best Thing About School: I’ve had probably one to many good nights in Aggieville (our bar town)
Worst Thing About School: The liquor store closes at 11
Best Thing To Do To Pass The Time: Put on a fake mullet, find my best white trash attire, strap a boombox to the mopeds and mob hard around town with my roommates. YELLIN “YEE YEE”
Worst Thing To Do To Pass The Time: Listen to Nickelback
Best Music: Old Kid Kudi
Worst Music: Nickelback
Best Movie: Stepbrothers
Worst Movie: Harry Potter because I cant stand British accents
Best Class: Entrepreneurship because I like to learn how to make billions of dollars
Worst Class: Any Accounting related course. Statistics is a close 2nd
Favorite Thing About Yourself: My fastest beer bong was 2.8 seconds
Your Favorite 90’s Jam: Ocean avenue and anything by Biggie.
Who Would Win In A Fight: Batman or Superman? Superman would whoop Batmans ass, but at the end of the day batman has the Cash, the women, and the cars. So who really wins here? I’d say Batman.
If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be? Teleportation that would be dope
If You Could Go Anywhere In A Time Machine, Where Would You Go? The year 2222 because I like the number and I want to see what the future looks like
What’s The First Things You Would Do If You Won The Lottery? Find Tupac!
Blondes or Brunettes? I’ve always loved me a good blonde, but I try not to discriminate.
Single or Taken? Single.
Marry one, Screw One, Kill One. Barbara Walters, Oprah, Rosie O’Donnell. Go:Marry Barbra Walters that way I don’t have to screw her or Rosie O’donnell. Screw Oprah so she can be my sugar mama. Kill Rosie O’donnell.. Sorry Rosie, it’s not happening.