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About Campus Essentials

Are you a college student and of sick of paying for overpriced books? Getting bad test scores or having a hard time finding a job? Or maybe you’re just not having enough fun in college?! Well, say hello to Campus Essentials!

Campus Essentials is a social market site for college students! We allow students to buy, sell, and trade in a safe environment with other students in their local area! No longer pay for overpriced school items or worry about who you are dealing with over the internet. The way it works is simple. Students post classified ads to their local college’s C.E page for other students to see and then get in touch with. It’s the new and easy way to network with other students in your area! Campus Essentials doesn’t just stop there, the site also allows students an opportunity to see if any local jobs, internships, events, or parties are available or happening. Worried about an exam? Post in the study group section to discover and create your own study groups with other students! Things such as planning trips with other students, finding roommates, and networking have never been so easy! Campus Essentials is not just a name, it’s a lifestyle. A great way to meet new friends, find new adventures, and save money all in the mean time. To get started all you need is a college sponsored .edu email to get started. Let Campus Essentials take your college career to the next level!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to improve the everyday lives of all college students from getting better grades to finding the next house party and so much more. College is an important time in our lives, so we need to take the time and make the best out of it! So help us with our mission and start using Campus Essentials to saving money, network, and having more fun.


Becoming a student user is easy! Just click register, fill out the form, pick your college, and wait for the confirmation email. Once confirmed you are on your way to creating the best college experience possible.

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Campus Essentials is a fantastic place to help grow your business. There are over 20 million students across the United States that can use Campus Essentials, creating a mass audience and endless potential for your business. Establishing a relationship with this market can have a positive effect on sales for many years to come.

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Campus Essentials is not the same as your traditional social networking site. With a professional atmosphere and no hidden fees, Campus Essentials allows you to set up your own ads that can be clickable without having to call in or notify a representative. Your business can choose where to advertise on site, which allows you to advertise locally or nationally. Campus Essentials helps your business drive local and online sales, raise brand awareness, and push your company to the next level.


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